About Me

My journey begins almost 10 years ago when I made the quick decision to blindly move with, my then, boyfriend across the country. Why you ask? Better yet, ask why Not? I’ve always enjoyed seeing new things, am gifted with being a strong independent woman, and with a little bit of my mother in the back of my mind saying “never pass up a chance to travel”, I made the jump. Sure enough, true to self, I packed as little as I could in a 2 door stick shift car and rolled across the country with my one true love. Ten years later and a million new memories later, we are deciding to move back closer to family. New challenge 2.0!

Fitness has always been a part of my life. I would drive myself to the gym everyday after school and I was involved with volleyball 7-12th grade. Granted we’ve all had our share of up and down’s, weight fluctuations and periods of utter detest with our bodies. But one thing that has always stayed true to me, is the need to work out. At some points that just meant walking or doing elliptical and believe it or not, at one crazy time, that meant Crossfit!! I’ve done it all, crossfit, TRX, P90X, standard walking/running, weight training, personal trainer at the gym, etc..

More things that really sum me up:
1. I’m an Aries- that should say everything about me.
2. I love chocolate
3. I enjoy working out (sometimes)
4. I workout because I love eating (cheese, please)
5. I wish I could sleep 15 hrs a day
6. My favorite holidays are Christmas and St. Patrick’s day
7. My favorite band is The Doors (don’t judge me)
8. I love Seattle
9. I’m not a fashionista nor do I wear makeup.
10. I never thought I’d love my kiddos as much as I do

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