Christmas 2015

Christmas is here… my favorite time of the year. This year I am doing a book advent calendar. I rented 24 books from the library and wrapped each one. Each night Cece gets to pick a new book to read. So far she likes opening the presents but focus is still an issue listening to the story.

Time has flown by. I feel like I just got over the summer heat, popped out a baby and poof; it’s Christmas already. I cant believe it. Time will fly by now with the moving.

Alexa turns 3 months on Friday and is already so big. She is super smiley, but quite sensitive. She does not like loud noises, she needs things just so. She rolled over last night (on the couch) and has a fairly consistent routine through the night. Sleep at 830, up at 130, up at 5 and up at 8.

Cece is smack dab in the middle of “terrible 2’s”. She is having more problems sharing, is pushing kids down, and crys at every “no” answer. She is also having a hard time focusing in on 1 project at a time, and still loves junk food. However, we are 95% potty trained, and eating more things. She will at least try things first. She can dress herself, put away toys and other people can understand what she is trying to say (or at least after an hour or so). Still shy around new people.

I am working out daily on a new workout routine called Piyo, and watching my carb intake. (Although all goes to hell during the holidays). Chatting with Greg about when to have kid #3. I vote for sooner.

Off to Nashville in 2 days for house hunting trip..

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